A Message From Our CEO

Welcome to the virtual home of the Cobb County Public Safety Foundation! We are honored to serve the men and women who serve our Cobb County community. Day and night, in the best weather and during the darkest hours, our Cobb County Public Safety professionals are just a 911 call away. They keep our streets safe, our courts and jails secure, rescue our families from burning houses, bring the dying back to life, and calmly summon and direct the resources needed to keep us safe and alive.

The Cobb County Public Safety Foundation was created with a single mission in mind – protect and serve those who selflessly protect and serve us.

Whatever the call, whatever the need, no matter the danger or risk, the professionals we serve answer the calls of strangers with a simple response:      Here I am. Send me.

You can be a hero to our protectors! Join us in our mission. Show your support
with a donation or contact us to see how you can help volunteer. Today, thank a Cobb County Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer, Firefighter, EMT, or 911 operator as they serve us and keep us safe. We need them every day, and we are grateful for their service.

Thank you for making a difference in the community,

Lance LoRusso

Cobb County Public Safety Foundation, CEO


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